Top Choice Cafe in Chichicastenango

Villa Cofrades

This charming cafe is tucked into the outside corner of Centro Comercial Santo Tomás and is a gem if you want to step back from the bustle of the market but still get a view of the action outside. It's decorated wit…
Guatemalan in Chichicastenango

Mayan Inn

The three dining rooms at Chichi's classiest hotel feature colonial-style furnishings and canvases by renowned painter Humberto Garabito. Waiters wear costumes evolved from the dress of Spanish colonial farmers. The…
Guatemalan in Chichicastenango

Casa San Juan

One of the more stylish eateries, the San Juan occupies a beautiful colonial structure beside Santo Tomás with candlelit dining in various salons. Offerings range from burgers and sandwiches to more traditional fare…
Guatemalan in Chichicastenango

Los Asados

A cheery first-floor restaurant set back from the market hubbub, Los Asados is good for filling breakfasts, sandwiches and big grill plates. Always keep an eye on the menu of the day, which is usually good and filli…
Guatemalan in Chichicastenango

Comedor Típico

One of the few nontouristy eateries in town, this locally popular lunch hall does cow's foot soup, chicken stews and other hearty fare for the traveler's soul.
Guatemalan in Chichicastenango

Restaurante Don Pascual

Here you can take breakfast looking over the sea of tin roofs that cover the market. The gregarious, English-speaking owner is the grandson of the namesake founder, the former leader of Chichi's supreme brotherhood,…