Best restaurants in Central & Eastern Guatemala

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Cobán

    La Abadia

    Cobán's dining scene has improved dramatically over the years and this is part of the finer dining scene. The surrounds are refined yet relaxed, the menu offers a great selection of local, international and fusion dishes, and there's a good wine list too.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Caribbean Coast

    Restaurante Safari

    The town's most enjoyable restaurant is on a thatch-roofed, open-air platform right over the water about 1km north of the town center. Locals and visitors alike love to eat and catch the sea breezes here. Excellent seafood of all kinds, including the specialty tapado – that great Garifuna soup (Q110). Chicken and meat dishes are less expensive than seafood. If the Safari is full, the Cangrejo Azul next door offers pretty much the same deal, in a more relaxed environment.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Lívingston

    Restaurante Buga Mama

    This place enjoys the best location of any restaurant in town, and profits go to the Asociación Ak' Tenamit, an NGO with several projects in the area. There's a wide range of seafood, homemade pasta, curries and other dishes on the menu, including a very good tapado (fish stew; Q110). Most of the waiters here are trainees in a community sustainable-tourism scheme, so be forgiving if the service is lacking.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Caribbean Coast

    Sundog Café

    Down a laneway opposite the Litegua bus office (200m up the main street past the end of the bridge), this open-air riverfront bar-restaurant makes sandwiches and offers a few vegetarian dishes, brick-oven pizzas and fresh juices, as well as great views. It's also the place to come for unbiased information about the area.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Cobán

    Xkape Koba'n

    The perfect place to take a breather or while away a whole afternoon, this beautiful, artsy little cafe has a lush garden out back. Some interesting indigenous-inspired dishes are on the small menu. The cakes are homemade, the coffee is delectable and there are some handicrafts for sale.

  • Restaurants in Alta & Baja Verapaz

    El Bistrot Francés

    The best eating for miles around is oddly located a few kilometers west of town on the road to the Candelaria caves at the Candelaria Lodge. The small French-inspired menu offers decent variety, and the daily special is always worth investigating. Any bus heading south from Raxruhá can drop you here.

  • Restaurants in Caribbean Coast

    Cafe Paris

    This cafe/hotel offers very tasty coffee and espresso drinks, plus passable croissants. While its crepes might not quite pass muster at a bistro on the Champs-Élysées, they're a decent respite from the Guatemalan breakfast norm. Wi-fi is spotty. Rooms here are an option, though noise – from the revival church across the street, the cars, and the blaring music piped onto the (usually empty) terrace – makes earplugs essential.

  • Restaurants in Cobán

    Casa d'Acuña

    This restaurant, complete with orchids and a koi pond, offers authentic Italian and other European-style dishes served in an attractive oasis of tranquillity to a soundtrack of classical music. In addition to protein-oriented mains, there is a range of pastas (Q40 to Q65), salads, homemade breads, cakes and outstanding desserts. Service can be slow at times.

  • Restaurants in Cobán


    The widest menu in town is at this chic place, which is in a location so new even the geckos haven't found it yet. Billing itself as 'fusion' food, it takes a pretty good stab at Indian, Chinese and Italian dishes, with locally grown cardamom as the featured ingredient. Creative cocktails and mocktails make it well worth the detour.

  • Restaurants in Lívingston


    Clean spot with polished wood decor, Margoth is a decent place with a decent selection at decent prices. The mix of mains runs the gamut from burgers to pasta, but there's even chow mein and some Garifuna options as well. The Coco Loco (rum served in a coconut; Q35) is a popular beverage. For dessert try Cake in a Mug (Q35).

  • Restaurants in El Oriente


    Offers refreshingly tasty coffee and nice comida tipica (regional food). Service is friendly and some staff speak excellent English. Its decor is simple, but the place is an oasis of sorts, well worth stopping in at. Note that on Saturdays it stays open till 9pm, but only for coffee and sweets.

  • Restaurants in El Oriente

    Casa Lú

    This chic, black-and-red restaurant has the look of a sushi shop but serves a variety of local Guatemalan dishes as well as the requisite pizzas, pastas and burgers, and some decent cocktails too. The frozen margarita (grande) is colossal and a nice way to beat the Chiquimula heat.

  • Restaurants in El Oriente

    La Rotonda

    Opposite Rutas Orientales bus station, this is a round building with chairs arranged around a circular open-air counter under a big awning. It's a welcoming place – clean and fresh. There are plenty of options to choose from, including pizza, pasta and burgers.

  • Restaurants in Lívingston

    Restaurante Gaby

    For a good honest feed in humble surrounds, you can't go past Gaby's. She serves up the good stuff: lobster, tapado (Q80, fish stew), rice and beans, and good breakfasts at good prices. The telenovelas (soap operas) come free.

  • Restaurants in Cobán

    La Casa del Monje

    Guarded by the 'iron friar,' Cobán's best steakhouse is set in a lovely colonial-era monastery a few blocks from the park. If you're not in the mood for big chunks of meat, local dishes like kaq’ik (turkey stew) are recommended.

  • Restaurants in Alta & Baja Verapaz

    Antojitos Zacapanecos

    For something a little different in the fast-food vein, check out the huge gringas: flour tortillas filled with pork, chicken or beef from this place. Better yet, grab one to go and have a picnic in the plaza.

  • Restaurants in Lívingston

    Mama Norma

    This simple eatery run by a town matron is your best spot for cheap eats, with a big plate of rice, beans, tortillas, and main (such as chicken, beef, or pork) costing only Q20. Beers are an extra Q10.

  • Restaurants in El Oriente

    Restaurant El Angel

    This main-street Chinese eatery does all the standard dishes, plus steaks and a good range of licuados (milkshakes). Home delivery is available, and it has daily specials on the cheap too.

  • Restaurants in Lanquín

    Restaurante Champey

    This large outdoor eatery halfway between town and El Retiro serves up good-sized plates of steak, eggs and rice and gets rowdy and beer-fueled at night. Vegetarian options are also available.

  • Restaurants in Caribbean Coast

    La Habana Vieja

    A good, wide selection of Cuban classics (including ropa vieja – a shredded beef stew) and some straightforward sandwiches. Also has a good bar if you're looking for a quiet drink.