Cuevas de B'ombi'l Pek

Cave in Alta & Baja Verapaz

A mere 3km north of Chisec, these painted caves remained undiscovered until 2001. They haven't been fully mapped yet, but some claim that they connect to the caves of Parque Nacional Cuevas de Candelaria. The community-run guide office is by the roadside. Pay the entrance fee and the guide will take you on the 3km walk through cornfields to the entrance.

The entire tour takes about four hours. The first, main cavern is the most impressive for its size (reaching 50m in height; you have the choice of rappelling or descending via a slippery 'jungle ladder' to enter), but a secondary cave – just 1m wide – features paintings of monkeys and jaguars. River tubing (Q70) is also possible, starting at the guide office.

Any bus running north (Q3) from Chisec can drop you at the guide office.