Hiking: Bogles to Windward

A good hike will take you from Bogles to Windward or vice versa via the High North Park, with possible detours to see Anse La Roche and the wetlands at Petit Carenage. It is partially shaded for most of the way and in some points affords good views of neighboring islands.

Heading out from Bogles, take the left road at the sign to the High North Park. This will quickly turn into a dirt road – it's a vehicle track but traffic is rare and you probably won't see any at all. Veer right where the power lines end; the road then continues along the hillside passing through bushland. After about a 30-minute hike, you'll reach the turnoff to Anse La Roche. Keep an eye out for iguanas and manicous (a local opossum) along the way.

The road then continues on through more bush and down an incline to the small collection of houses that marks the beginning of Petit Carenage, from where it's paved down to Windward. Turn down towards the water just after Petit Carenage to access the lagoon, a good spot for birdwatching.

From Bogles to Windward without detours will take around an hour and a half depending on your pace. Be sure to bring water and a hat, as there are no shops along the way.