Morne Rouge Bay

Top things to do

Italian in Morne Rouge Bay

La Luna

Offering Italian and Asian flavors in an unpretentious waterside setting, this excellent restaurant inside the hotel of the same name is worth the drive out to the end of Morne Rouge peninsula. During the day...

Bar in Morne Rouge Bay

La Plywood Bar

This is lovely little spot at the end of Mourne Rouge beach is a great place for a drink. It consists of a shaded deck with colorful wooden furniture and a couple of picnic tables down in the sand below. A good...

Park in Morne Rouge Bay

Quarantine Point Park

A lovely grassy area at the end of the peninsula dividing Grand Anse and Morne Rouge Bay, Quarantine Point affords fine views over the water to the capital with a curtain of dramatic green mountains as a...

Club in Morne Rouge Bay

Fantasia 2001

Fantasia has a dance floor that resembles a roller rink or maybe a bullfighting ring, depending on your perspective. It's no longer as popular as it once was and now only opens on Wednesday nights but when it...

Caribbean in Morne Rouge Bay

Sur La Mer

There’s no need to stray too far from the sand – this beachside restaurant will sort you out with a simple lunch or dinner. Sur La Mer serves up West Indian fare with a flair for seafood, and it has an enticing...