Top things to do

Top Choice Fusion in Hillsborough

Green Roof Inn

The most sophisticated option in the Hillsborough area, with tables on a veranda overlooking the sea. The menu changes according to what’s fresh and available, but will be sure to feature fresh fish, steak and lobst…
Beach in Hillsborough

Beausejour Bay

Also known as Silver Bay, Hillsborough’s beach isn’t the island’s best, but it’s decent nonetheless. Fishing boats pull in along the Esplanade, where there are a couple of shady gazebos, and there’s some nice shell …
Museum in Hillsborough

Carriacou Museum

This small, community-run museum has an interesting array of Carib artifacts plus displays on African heritage and the colonial era.
Caribbean in Hillsborough

Laurena II

Overlooking the Esplanade, this is often the liveliest spot in town. The Jamaican chef cooks up piles of jerk, fried or barbecue chicken, curried lambi or oxtail served up with rice and peas and salad to queues of h…
Caribbean in Hillsborough

Sandisland Café

A basic little place, with a wonderful location on a deck over the beach. Sandisland is best for a down-home breakfast of saltfish and eggs with still-warm roasted bake; regular eggs and bacon are also available. Sa…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Hillsborough

Simply Carriacou

Lovely little gift shop selling quality craft from Grenada and the wider Caribbean; also operates a toy rental service.
Market in Hillsborough

Patty’s Deli

Upmarket groceries, from deli meats and cheeses to fresh quiches and cakes, plus wines and excellent sandwiches (EC$15).