Craft Beer in Lance aux Épines

West Indies Beer Company

Good craft beer has a home in the Windward Islands. This neat local brewery started out as the house brewery at the True Blue Bay Resort and then expanded into its own smart premises with a lively beer garden...

Juice Bar in St George's

Native Food and Fruits

On one side of the market plaza, this great local smoothie bar knocks out refreshing fruit-based beverages, as well as more filling shakes, that are full of flavor. Try the sea moss or order the oats, peanut and...

Bar in Morne Rouge Bay

La Plywood Bar

This is lovely little spot at the end of Mourne Rouge beach is a great place for a drink. It consists of a shaded deck with colorful wooden furniture and a couple of picnic tables down in the sand below. A good...

Cafe in Point Salines & True Blue

Mocha Spoke

A hip cafe just outside the university that serves a variety of caffeinated beverages to sleepless students. It has another branch in the Marquis complex near Grand Anse that runs cycle tours.

Bar in Point Salines & True Blue


Once the go to place with expat students from the nearby medical school, Bananas has fallen out of favor a bit as hipper places open elsewhere but is still a good place to come and socialize with a mixed crowd....

Club in Morne Rouge Bay

Fantasia 2001

Fantasia has a dance floor that resembles a roller rink or maybe a bullfighting ring, depending on your perspective. It's no longer as popular as it once was and now only opens on Wednesday nights but when it...