Grenada Island attractions

Top Choice Dive Site in St George's

Underwater Sculpture Park

An underwater gallery beneath the surface of the sea, just north of St George’s in Molinière Bay. The project was founded by British artist Jason de Caires Taylor and there are now around 80 works in varying conditi…
Top Choice Factory in Gouyave

Nutmeg Processing Cooperative

On Gouyave's main road, you can literally smell one of the most important aspects of Grenada's heritage: nutmeg. This large nutmeg processing station is a vast, drafty old facility where workers sort the fragrant an…
Top Choice Fort in St George's

Fort Frederick

Constructed by the French in 1779, Fort Frederick was soon used – paradoxically – by the British in defense against the French, although it never fired a cannon in anger. It’s the island’s best-preserved fort, and o…
Top Choice Farm in Eastern Grenada

Belmont Estate

Cocoa is Grenada's main crop and it's celebrated at this 300-year-old working organic plantation. Among the other crops here: cinnamon, cloves, bay leaf, ginger and nutmeg. Guided tours explain cocoa production, and…
Top Choice Beach in Point Salines & True Blue

Grooms Beach

A lovely secluded bay with a swath of powdery white sand and warm blue waters that are good for snorkeling. It's close to the popular Beach House restaurant, north of the airport.
Top Choice Beach in Eastern Grenada

Levera Beach

Backed by low, eroding sea cliffs, Levera Beach is a wild, beautiful sweep of sand that gets few visitors. Just offshore is the high, pointed Sugar Loaf Island, while the Grenadine islands dot the horizon to the nor…
Beach in Grand Anse

Grand Anse

Grenada's main resort area is a lovely long sweep of white sand fronted by turquoise water and backed by hills. It has the highest concentration of big hotels, bars, eateries and water sports on the island but its e…
Park in Grand Anse

Camerhogne Park

A meticulously maintained green space running from the Spiceland Mall down to the white sands of Grand Anse. If you're visiting for the day, it's a good place to base yourself – here you'll find change rooms (EC$1),…
Harbor in St George's


A scenic inlet, the Carenage is a great place for a stroll along the water’s edge, taking in the colorful fishing boats and the bustle of supplies being loaded for other islands. At the north end, some of the sturdy…
Waterfall in Grenada Island

Concord Falls

There are a couple of scenic waterfalls along the Concord River. The lowest, a picturesque 100ft cascade, can be viewed by driving to the end of Concord Mountain Rd, a side road leading 1.5 miles inland from the vil…