There are many hiking trails within the park, varying in duration and difficulty. Some are well maintained while others are overgrown and require the use of a guide. Most trails begin at or close to the visitor center and the helpful staff can arrange guides.

Hiking trails in the park include:

Concord Falls For serious adventurers only, this hike involves branching off towards the end of the Mt Qua Qua trek and continuing on to the Concord Falls. It is a five-hour trip one way and the trail is overgrown and even nonexistent in some parts – check on conditions before heading out. It's imperative to take a guide. From the falls it's another 1.5 miles on to the village of Concord, from where you can pick up bus transport.

Grand Etang Shoreline This 1½-hour loop walk around Grand Etang Lake is gentle but it's very muddy. Bring adequate footwear.

Morne La Baye This easy 15-minute walk starts behind the visitor center and takes in native vegetation.

Mt Qua Qua This is a moderately difficult three-hour round-trip hike that leads to the top of a ridge, offering some of the best views of the rainforest.

Seven Sisters Falls This two-hour hike passes seven waterfalls in the rainforest. It is a challenging trek but is considered one of the best hikes in Grenada. It starts 1.25 miles north of the visitor center. You will be asked to pay EC$5 admission to the private property at the trailhead.