Top Choice Fort in St George's

Fort George

Grenada’s oldest fort was established by the French in 1705 and is the centerpiece of the St George’s skyline.You can explore the dank tunnels and climb to the top to see the cannons and bird’s-eye views.
Fort in St George's

Fort Frederick

Constructed by the French in 1779, Fort Frederick was soon used – paradoxically – by the British to defend against the French. It’s the island’s best-preserved fort, and offers a striking panoramic views. The fort i…
Top Choice Beach in Point Salines & True Blue

Pingouin Beach

Pingouin Beach is a lovely swath of powdery white sand with warm blue waters, good snorkeling and wonderful views over to St George’s. It's close to the popular Beach House restaurant, north of the airport.
Top Choice Farm in Grenada Island

Belmont Estate

Cocoa is Grenada's main crop and it's celebrated at this 300-year-old working plantation. Among the other crops here: cinnamon, cloves, bay leaf, ginger and nutmeg. Guided tours explain cocoa production, and you can…
Top Choice Factory in Gouyave

Nutmeg Processing Cooperative

On Gouyave's main road, you can literally smell one of the most important aspects of Grenada's heritage: nutmeg. This large nutmeg processing station is a vast, drafty old facility where workers sort the fragrant an…
Beach in Grand Anse

Grand Anse

Grenada's main resort area is a lovely sweep of white sand fronted by turquoise water and backed by hills. Packed with hotels, bars, eateries and watersports, it's the essential Grenadian experience for many. If you…
Museum in St George's

Grenada National Museum

Staffed by enthusiastic members, this museum covers the topsy-turvy history of Grenada. It can easily absorb an hour. On some Friday evenings there are folk performances.
Church in St George's

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Sitting pretty at the top of the capital’s hill, St George’s Roman Catholic cathedral provides a great vantage point over the town. Though Hurricane Ivan in 2004 all but gutted the structure, it’s since been painsta…
Church in St George's

St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

Immediately north of Fort George, the roofless St Andrew’s fared worst of all the town’s churches in the hurricane. There isn’t much left of the interior, and, until fundraising for restoration is complete, the shel…
Church in St George's

St George’s Anglican Church

Erected in 1825, St George’s is topped by a squat four-sided clock tower that serves as the town timepiece – still in working order despite the roofless state of the actual church building, whose interior and staine…