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On weekend afternoons it's well worth visiting the Tele-Museum. It traces Greenland's role in the development of transatlantic communications and has such mechanical curiosities as 1900 telephone switching table whi…
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Arctic Café

Don't expect coffee and cakes at Qaqortoq's primary drinking venue. It's easily recognised by the yellow VW crashing imaginatively out through an upper wall. In the afternoon the glassed-in terrace beyond the billia…
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Qaqortoq Museum

Qaqortoq Museum is housed in a tar-blackened 1804 building that was once the Julianehåb colony manager's house. Today its most unique features are right up on the top floor. Beautifully restored, with churchlik…
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Lyberth Charter

The cute 1859 cottage housing Lyberth Charter was the former Fortanderkabshuset (elders' council chamber). Red with green stairs, it retains the bronze 'colony bell' that once announced the start of work each mornin…
Greenlandic in Qaqortoq

Restaurant Napparsivik

In one of the loveliest beamed cottages on the old town square, this atmospheric eatery has tasteful art, wooden floors and a shiny copper serving bar. Dishes on the short menu use local fish and meat, very appetizi…
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House B22

The attractive timber House B22 was once home to a KGH trader who, legend relates, was something of a bon-vivant playboy. Indeed on occasions he was found to be 'as drunk as a pope', hence the ironic name for the ro…
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Brille-Lief Opticians Shop

The sweet little Brille-Lief Opticians Shop is made of pink Igaliku sandstone and was originally built as Greenland's first public bathhouse (1931). It sells lovely postcards as well as spectacles.
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Muku & Aja Shops

Muku & Aja Shops occupies an 1871 former blacksmith's workshop. It has wooden shingle roof, thick stone walls, arched windows and a small cannon aimed at the Torvet (the old town square).
Fast Food in Qaqortoq


Grill-baren doubles as a slot-machine gambling room, though there's a small area of outdoor tables to eat your hot dogs should the flies abate.
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Village Hall

West of the Pisiffik supermarket is the 1937 village hall with its neoclassical interior, stage and upper balustrade.