Paamiut restaurants

Pub Food in Paamiut

Restaurant Ningiumut

Behind a somewhat quaint façade, this is a run-of-the-mill Greenlandic beerhouse. However, at lunchtimes it serves open sandwiches (Dkr20) and a set hot meal (Dkr32) that's filling if gastronomically forgettabl…
Cafe in Paamiut

Café Paamiut

Brightly painted walls and local naive art make the Café Paamiut relatively pleasant by fast-food standards. It serves burgers and hot dogs.
Supermarket in Paamiut


Brugsen is a well-stocked supermarket. Also It has a bakery counter.
Supermarket in Paamiut


Pilersuisoq is a well-stocked supermarket. It has a bakery counter.