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Greenland National Museum

The spacious, well-presented Greenland National Museum is based in an extended 1936 warehouse. Its better exhibits include an interesting section on 1950s social change and a geological room emphasising that the wor…
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University Library

The University Library was established in 1747 as the New Herrnhut Mission (House of Moravian Brethren), originally set up by a trio of missionaries who arrived soon after Hans Egede. It's a most attractive red wood…
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Kittat is a low-key fur workshop that specialises in making traditional style costumes and kammiks. Anyone can peep inside at the small, functional flensing and sewing rooms. The skin-drying racks are outside. Along…
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Katuaq Cultural Centre

The spacious Katuaq Cultural Centre is by far Nuuk's finest piece of modern architecture, a sinuous wooden wave edged in glass. It houses the Greenland Art School, the NAPA Nordic Institute and a reading library as …
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Institute of Natural Resources

At the north edge of town near the sweet little golf course is the Institute of Natural Resources, in a pair of glass-nosed wooden-slab buildings that look passingly photogenic in low evening light. A tourist-office…
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Hans Egede House

The sturdy 1728 Hans Egede House is the oldest in Greenland and has a pretty vegetable garden. Originally home to Nuuk's missionary founder, it's now the venue for official government receptions.
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City Hall

The City Hall is not architecturally distinguished, but it's worth looking inside to see the impressive 1998 tapestry of Inuit life. Curiously, it includes a vignette about missionary Hans Egede.
Notable Building in Nuuk

Self Rule Government

The Self Rule Government has an art-decked corridor. Free guided tours are available when the parliament is not in session, but tours in English require prior arrangement; email ahead.
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Teacher Training College

The fine 1907 Teacher Training College is backed by the horned silhouette of Sermitsiaq (1210m), a tent-shaped island peak.
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Frelsers Kirke

On a strangely sparse area is the simple 1849 Frelsers Kirke.