Top things to do in Northwest Greenland

in Uummannaq

Uummannaq Museum

The excellent Uummannaq Museum is one of Greenland's better town museums and houses a diverse collection featuring displays on the Qilakitsoq mummies, the whaling era, the former marble quarry at Maarmorilik, and Gr…
Museum in Upernavik

Upernavik Old Town Museum

The entire historical district of Upernavik is basically an outdoor museum. The museum itself, Greenland's oldest, is a real surprise. Most interesting is the original qajaq ensemble complete with harpoon, throwing …
in Qaanaaq


A good starting point for any tour of the area is Qaanaaq's museum, housed in the former home of famed polar explorer Knud Rasmussen. Displays include items relating to his work, archaeological finds from around the…
in Uummannaq

Lucia Ludvigsen

To sample some typical Greenlandic food, contact this local guide the day before and you can savour seal, whale, caribou, halibut or other local fish cooked in the traditional way at a typical family home.
in Upernavik


The grill-bar serves a good variety of fast food from burgers and kebabs to pizzas and hot dogs. The building is unmarked, but you'll recognise the smell and the gaggle of teenagers hanging around outside.
in Uummannaq


Grill-baren has burgers, fries and hot dogs.