in Nuuk

Snow Sculpture Festival

The Snow Sculpture Festival is open to artists from around the world. It's supposedly annual but was cancelled in 2004 for lack of snow!
in Tasiilaq

Arctic Team Challenge

Every July Tasiilaq hosts the Arctic Team Challenge, a five-day combined stage and expedition race that takes four-person teams over a distance of about 250km and a total elevation of about 9000m of peaks in a serie…
in Kangerlussuaq

Polar Circle Marathon

In October the Polar Circle Marathon takes place in Kangerlussuaq. The course covers a range of challenging terrain, including a section across several glacial tongues. On 8 October 2005 the event will be upgraded t…
in Greenland

Ice Golf

At around -8°C in mid-April, a world championship of Ice Golf is played at Uummannaq. Compared to normal golf, the balls are softer (and red, to show up in the snow), the fairways are shorter and the holes are …
in Sisimiut

Arctic Circle Race

The three-day Arctic Circle Race is one of the toughest ski races in the world. It follows a 160km circular route around the mountains east of Sisimiut and usually takes place during the first week of April. Two nig…
in Ilulissat

Arctic Midnight Orienteering Festival

Ilulissat hosts the Arctic Midnight Orienteering Festival each July. The event has challenging 5km, 10km, 15km and 20km courses across rough terrain. Races are held in the midnight sun, with courses of varying degre…
in Aasiaat

Aasiaat Rock Festival

During the last week of August or the first week of September the town hosts the four-day Aasiaat Rock Festival, featuring mainly Greenlandic bands alongside a clutch of groups from Scandinavia, Italy and the UK. A …
in Greenland

Rock Festival

On weekend evenings most bigger towns have live music in at least one of the pubs for dancing and raucous singalongs. One weekend in early September Aasiaat gathers several bands at once and calls the event a rock f…
in Nuuk

Nuuk Marathon

In midsummer there's the Nuuk Marathon and a small arts and music festival.
in Greenland

Arctic Circle Race

The three-day Arctic Circle Race is one of the world's toughest ski races.