Bay in Disko Bay

Ilulissat Kangerlua

Ilulissat Kangerlua

The greatest tourist attraction in all of Greenland is the astonishing Ilulissat Kangerlua (Ilulissat Icefjord), a berg-packed bay fed by the 5km (3mi) wide and 1100m (3608ft) thick glacier Sermeq Kujalleq. The...

Activity in Ilulissat

Emanuel A Petersen Art Museum

Greenlandic landscapes are on view at the Emanuel A Petersen Art Museum, where most of the works are by the eponymous Danish artist. Petersen (1894-1948) was a prolific painter, and during his career he made...

Activity in Ilulissat

Hunting & Fishing Museum

The newly renovated Hunting & Fishing Museum emphasises the hunting and fishing traditions of the polar Inuit, and contains both traditional and modern tools, implements and conveyances, as well as a wooden...

Activity in Qeqertarsuaq

Qeqertarsuaq Museum

The Qeqertarsuaq Museum, in the beautiful former inspector's house at the harbour, has exhibitions on the town's history, including the colonial and whaling period; the Arctic Research Station; and Greenlandic...

Activity in Aasiaat

Aasiaat Museum

The collection at the small Aasiaat Museum includes an interesting array of carvings, archaeological finds, old photos, birds and a turf house outside.