Zakros & Kato Zakros attractions

Archaeological Site in Zakros & Kato Zakros

Zakros Palace

Ancient Zakros, the smallest of Crete’s four Minoan palatial complexes, was a major port, trading with Egypt, Syria, Anatolia and Cyprus. And, like the other three, it comprised royal apartments, shrines, storerooms…
Canyon in Zakros & Kato Zakros

Valley of the Dead

Kato Zakros, the Valley of the Dead, takes its name from the ancient burial sites in the numerous caves dotting the canyon walls. Its setting is awesome; a long winding road snaking downhill from Zakros through a st…
Museum in Zakros & Kato Zakros

Zakros Natural History Museum

A short distance past the village square en route to Kato Zakros, this great little museum is dedicated to the flora and fauna found in the Valley of the Dead, with stuffed animals, rocks and fossils.