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Top Choice Canyon in Zagorohoria

Vikos Gorge

The Voïdomatis River, a tributary of the Aoös, carved the 12km-long, 900m-deep Vikos Gorge over millions of years, leaving stark cliffs and yawning depths. According to Guinness, it’s the world’s deepest canyon in p…
Top Choice Taverna in Zagorohoria

Taverna Sopotseli

Dilofo’s little taverna has a beautiful terrace and a calm, relaxed interior. It has wonderful salads, excellent grilled meat and game, and tasty local pies. There is also a good Greek wine list, and the service is …
National Park in Zagorohoria

Vikos-Aoös National Park

Vikos-Aoös National Park bursts with pristine rivers and forests, flowering meadows, and shimmering lakes that reflect jagged mountains and endless blue sky. Almost one-third of Greece’s flora (some endemic) lives h…
Monastery in Zagorohoria

Moni Agia Paraskevi

A short path leads from Monodendri's northeastern edge to Moni Agia Paraskevi, a monastery with spectacular views over Vikos Gorge. Agia Paraskevi has the oldest preserved church in Zagorohoria. According to legend,…
Greek in Zagorohoria

Sta Riza

It's hard to disagree with the locals – Sta Riza, overlooking rolling hills, is the place for hearty country cooking, such as manitaria fournitsa (baked mushrooms in red wine, tomato, feta and herbs) and arnakia vla…
Taverna in Zagorohoria

O Dionysos

Along upper Monodendri’s main street, Dionysos serves tasty fakopita (lentil pie) among other traditional Epirot pies – a great place to explore seasonal pies too.
Monastery in Zagorohoria

Moni Evaggelistria

This wonderfully well-preserved monastery, founded in the late 18th century, has a wealth of 200-year-old icons and frescoes that will leave you breathless.
Church in Zagorohoria

Agios Vlasios

The most striking of Papingo's churches is Agios Vlasios (1852) with its separate 15m-high hexagonal bell tower (1887).
Monastery in Zagorohoria

Moni Panagia Spiliotissa

This arched, frescoed spiritual site standing aside a boulder by the Voïdomatis River dates to 1665.
Taverna in Zagorohoria

Restaurant Tsoumaniskos

Excellent Greek pies and hearty local meats grilled to perfection are a real treat at this Vikos taverna. Try some of the local wine or have a shot of tsipouro (distilled spirit similar to raki) as an aperitif. Ther…