Zagorohoria in detail

Flights & getting there


The most leisurely and flexible way to see the Zagorohoria is by car; rental agencies are all based in Ioannina.

If you don't want to rent your own car, taxis are available, if expensive. As sample fares, from Ioannina to Papingo is €90; to Kapesovo, €50.

Taxi Van Zagorohoria Has two large vans, good for groups.

Kalpaki Taxi Handy for Aristi, Ano Pedina and Papingo.


For most villages, KTEL bus service is once a week only, with one early-morning departure and another in the early afternoon. Schedules can change seasonally, so always confirm with the Ioannina bus station and/or your hotel.

At last check buses were running from Ioannina on the following routes and schedules: Megalo and Mikro Papingo via Aristi (Tuesdays); Ano Pedina and Kato Pedina via Vitsa and Monodendri (Wednesdays); Kipi via Dilofo (Thursdays); Skamneli via Kapesovo and Tsepelovo (Mondays and Fridays). The longest trip and most expensive ticket is two hours and €5.10 for Mikro Papingo.

Additionally, for getting back to Ioannina, school buses are open to visitors, but the route ends in Karyes, where you must wait for a KTEL bus to Ioannina (they will be coming from Konitsa or Kakavia). School bus routes change every year. Ask your hotel for details.

For Aristi, Papigo and Ano and Kato Pedina, you can save money with a KTEL bus to Kalpaki (€3.70, ½ hour, 13 daily on weekdays, 10 daily on weekends), which is on the Konitsa and Kakavia routes. Then take a taxi (about €20 to Aristi or Ano Pedina); you may need to call when you get off the bus, as there is not always a car waiting.

The dedicated car-free traveller can take a Konitsa-bound bus to Klidonia (€4.20, one hour, six daily on weekdays, three on weekends), then hike in on along the Voïdomatis and up the road to Aristi, in three to four hours.