Top things to do in Veria

Top Choice Taverna in Veria

Eleas Gi

Feast on home-cooked Macedonian fare in this lively taverna. Tangy pomegranate chicken is cooked to perfection; smoky cheeses demand attention among mouthwatering salads and appetisers; and there's always a tempting…
Area in Veria


Walk from Plateia Antoniou down Vasileos Konstandinou to find Veria's atmospheric former Jewish quarter. The synagogue (with the bright blue and yellow facade) dates back to 1850 and it is the region's oldest. It's …
Museum in Veria

Archaeological Museum

Browse an impressive haul from Neolithic figurines to Vergina tomb findings at this museum, located at Anixeos’ northern end. You'll find iron swords, delicate jewellery, doe-eyed portrait heads and a charming statu…
Mediterranean in Veria

12 Grada

There's no more picturesque spot to clear a plate of grilled vegetables and juicy meatballs than this riverside taverna and wine bar.
Museum in Veria

Byzantine Museum

This museum in a restored mill will turn you from novice to nerd in all things Byzantine. Splendorous Madonnas, huge 5th-century floor mosaics and ornate sarcophagi fill all three floors of the beautifully lit space…
Bar in Veria

Coin Cafe-Bar

This cafe-bar spills onto the pavement of lively Elias, and has decent coffees and a range of cocktails. The hanging bare light bulbs and verandah seating give it a modern, unfussy vibe. Coffees from €3 and cocktail…
Greek in Veria


This grotto-like restaurant serves generous servings of oregano pork, chicken schnitzel and cheese-stuffed peppers. You can have a real feast. Find it near the Byzantine Museum.
Cafe in Veria


Follow the scent of freshly brewed coffee to this little brunch place. There is a range of chocolate-slathered cakes and cookies; night-time is all about beers and spirits.
Church in Veria

Church of the Resurrection of Christ

Veria has dozens of Byzantine churches; few are open, but this fresco-rich, 14th-century central church usually is.