Top ChoiceBeach in Vathy

Livadaki Beach

Follow the north-coast road out of Vathy for 10km and look for a signposted dirt road to the left leading to Livadaki Beach. Here, tropical azure waters lap against soft sand in a long-sheltered cove with facing...

Top ChoiceMiddle Eastern in Vathy

My Falasophy

A guest from the Levant, this little fast-food joint in the main square serves large portions of artfully prepared hummus and falafel, as well as great salads. Healthy food is complemented by freshly squeezed...

Museum in Vathy

Archaeological Museum

Housed in two adjacent buildings, this handsome complex displays the contents of the Heraion (Sanctuary of Hera) near Pythagorio (from Polycrates' rule in the 6th century BC). The most famous item is the imposing...

Greek in Vathy

Pera Vrehi

Known to expat regulars as 'the salad place', Pera Vrehi serves large bowls of inventive salad arrangements with largely local ingredients, as well as an assortment of Greek mezedhes, such as fava-bean puree with...

Winery in Vathy

Museum of Samos Wines

Look for this handsome stone building opposite the new ferry quay to find one of Samos' best vintners. Winery tours usually take place when you show up, and conveniently include a free tasting, with several...

Bar in Vathy

Mezza Volta

Very popular beach bar, near the twin standbys of Ble and Escape, with good iced drinks and snacks into the wee hours.

Cafe in Vathy


The best of the waterfront cafes, serving good coffee, fresh juices and crêpes in the morning, and sandwiches, burgers, beer and wine by evening. And it delivers.

Cafe in Vathy

Garden Taverna

Serves good Greek standards in a lovely garden setting. It's up to the left behind the main square.

Church in Vathy

Church of Agios Spyridonas

Built in 1909, this ornate church features icons, impressive pillars hewn of marble from İzmir and, unusually, a silver candelabra from India. Decorative columns on the iconostasis are inspired by Ancient Greek...

Greek in Vathy

Telion Plus

An outstanding grill house on the waterfront near the main square, with snappy service and a good choice of pork, chicken and lamb gyros, pitta souvlaki, plus dinner specials – deliveries included.

Bar in Vathy


Ble gets going after midnight, especially on the breezy deck, with a good music mix and dancing.

Seafood in Vathy

Zen Restaurant

Among several etsi-ketsi (so-so) seafront eateries, Zen stands out for its well-prepared fresh fish, salads and mezedhes, along with surprises such as schnitzel, with good grills and draught wine.

Taverna in Vathy

To Steki

Unpretentious and welcoming back-alley eatery with generous grills, gavros (marinated small fish), salads and homemade soups.