Mosque in Trikala

Koursoun Tzami

The Koursoun Tzami was built in the 16th century by Sinan Pasha, the same architect who built the Blue Mosque in İstanbul. The mosque was restored in the mid-1990s with EU funding. From the bus station head south an…
Fort in Trikala

Fortress of Trikala

It's worth a wander up to the gardens surrounding the restored Byzantine fort. An adjacent cafe-bar overlooks the town. Walk 400m up Sarafi from the central square and look for the sign pointing right.
Ruins in Trikala

Sanctuary of Asclepius

Asclepius' sanctuary ruins are located before the turn to the Fortress of Trikala.
Area in Trikala


The old Turkish quarter of Varousi, just east of the fortress, is a fascinating area of narrow streets and fine old houses with overhanging balconies. At the corner of Anagiron and Virvou, peek at the fine murals wi…