Top Choice Mediterranean in Hora (Tinos)

Itan Ena Mikro Karavi

Named for the opening line of a well-known children’s tale (‘There was a little boat…’), this elegant indoor-outdoor eatery serves Greek fare with creative Mediterranean flair. Dishes like slow-cooked pork and rabbi…
Top Choice Modern Greek in Around Tinos


Go to Ormos Isternia, a stony beach set among plunging hills south of Pyrgos, if only to eat here. The seafront taverna crafts local cheese, tomatoes, wild artichokes and the like into veritable works of art and has…
Taverna in Hora (Tinos)

To Koutouki Tis Elenis

This colourful, rustic little place is on the narrow taverna-packed lane veering off the bottom of Evangelistria. The menu bursts with local flavours. Try fresh cheeses, fish soup, artichoke pie or the delicious fri…
Cafe in Hora (Tinos)


This harbourfront cafe here does a fine line in breakfasts, but it’s the delectable sweets of the patisserie that catch most people’s eyes. From homemade ice cream to traditional sweets like liknaraki (sweet cheese …
Seafood in Hora (Tinos)


The owner grills out front of this friendly, rustic spot, tucked away at the southern end of the harbour. It specialises in seafood. Try smoked fish dip and anchovies wrapped in vine leaves, or splurge on lobster sp…
Taverna in Around Tinos


The beautiful village of Ktikados perches in a hanging valley. At Drosia, you can dine on fish or lamb and take in the magnificent views.
Taverna in Around Tinos


Volax is a scenic hamlet about 6km directly north of Hora, surrounded by low hills festooned with hundreds of enormous, multicoloured boulders. The taverna Volax serves reliable Tinian favourites like wild artichoke…