Tinos in detail

Flights & getting there

Year-round ferries serve the mainland ports of Rafina (€27 to €36, two to four hours, up to eight daily) and Piraeus (€52, 5¾ hours, daily) and the islands of Syros (€4.50 to €8.50, 50 minutes, up to two daily), Andros (€13 to €16, 1½ hours, up to four daily) and Mykonos (€8 to €15, 30 minutes, up to nine daily). Summer high-speed services include Tinos on their passage south from Rafina to major islands such as Paros, Naxos, Ios and Santorini; see www.ferries.gr for details.

Hora has two ferry departure quays. The New (or Outer) Port is located 300m to the north of the main harbour and serves conventional and larger fast ferries. The Old (or Inner) Port, at the northern end of the town’s main harbour, serves smaller fast ferries. Check which quay your ferry is leaving from.