Top Choice Church in Hora (Tinos)

Church of Panagia Evangelistria

Tinos’ religious focus is this neoclassical church and its icon of the Virgin Mary. The hallowed icon was found in 1822 on land where the church now stands, after a nun in Tinos, now St Pelagia, was visited by visio…
Top Choice Museum in Around Tinos

Museum of Marble Crafts

On the slopes above Pyrgos is the outstanding Museum of Marble Crafts, a modern, well-curated complex that creatively explains quarrying and sculpting techniques. It includes films and beautifully illustrated displa…
Museum in Hora (Tinos)

Archaeological Museum

Just downhill from the Church of Panagia Evangelistria, this museum has a collection that includes impressive clay pithoi (large Minoan storage jars).
Archaeological Site in Hora (Tinos)

Sanctuary of Poseidon & Amphitrite

Kionia, 3km northwest of Hora, has the scant remains of the 4th century BC Sanctuary of Poseidon & Amphitrite, a once-enormous complex that drew pilgrims.
Museum in Around Tinos

Museum House of Yannoulis Chalepas

At the main entrance to Pyrgos, the fascinating Museum House of Yannoulis Halepas preserves the sculptor’s humble rooms and workshop. An adjoining gallery has splendid examples of the work of local sculptors.
Gallery in Hora (Tinos)

Cultural Foundation of Tinos

This excellent cultural centre in a handsome neoclassical building on the southern waterfront houses a superb permanent collection of the work of famous Tinian sculptor Yannoulis Chalepas. A second gallery has rotat…
Museum in Hora (Tinos)

Church Museums

Museum in Around Tinos

Costas Tsoclis Museum

Kambos sits on the top of a scenic hill surrounded by fields and is home to the Costas Tsoclis Museum, home to works by the renowned contemporary artist. Tsoclis is an internationally recognised contemporary artist.