Thrapsano attractions

Lake in Thrapsano

Livida Lake

Just outside Thrapsano on the road north to Apostoli is Livada Lake, a preserved wetland with a rather neglected and undervisited birdwatching lookout and a picnic area. The local bird population includes little egr…
Church in Thrapsano

Timios Stavros Church

If you’re tired of visiting Thrapsano’s pottery workshops, stop by the twin-aisled 15th-century Timios Stavros church in the middle of the village to check out its well-preserved frescoes. You might have to ask arou…
Workshop in Thrapsano

Nikos Doxastakis Workshop

Watch the giant clay pots being churned out at the traditional Nikos Doxastakis workshop. From the centre of town, head up to the village’s municipal offices and it’s beyond that.
Ceramics in Thrapsano

Koutrakis Art

This wonderful spot has an excellent website, talented potters and has small clay pots for purchase. It’s on the Voni–Thrapsano road.
Ceramics in Thrapsano

Vasilakis Pottery

Has small clay pots for sale. It’s 300m down the hill from the village school.