Thessaloniki in detail

Getting Around


Dependable city buses have electronic rolling signs listing the next destination, accompanied by an audio announcement in Greek and English. Screens above most bus stops note how many minutes until the next buses.

Bus X1 connects the main bus station (KTEL Makedonia) and the train station, while buses 45A and 45B stop at both (plus Plateia Aristotelous and Kamara) en route to the Halkidiki Bus Terminal. From the train station, major points on Egnatia are constantly served by buses such as Nos 10 and 14.

Buy tickets at periptera (street kiosks), or from on-board blue ticket machines (€1). Validate the former in the orange machines. Machines neither give change nor accept bills; when boarding, be sure you have the right change and buy your ticket immediately. Thessaloniki’s ticket police pounce at any sign of confusion. If they nab you, you’ll pay €60.


If driving, take note that Ano Poli's streets are steep and can be rather narrow, so avoid driving there if you're not used to such conditions. If you can't find free parking (a common problem in hectic Thessaloniki, where double parking is de rigueur), try the municipal parking at the port (per hour €2).

For rental cars try the following:

Avance Rent a Car

Budget Rent a Car


Thessaloniki’s blue-and-white taxis carry multiple passengers, and only take you if you’re going the same way. The minimum fare is €3.40. A more expensive ‘night rate’ takes effect from midnight until 5am. To book a cab for an airport transfer, try Taxi Way.