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Taverna in The Zagorohoria

Restaurant Tsoumaniskos

Gorge yourself near the gorge at this iconic Vikos taverna. Excellent Greek pies and hearty local meats conspire to replace the calories lost on hikes around Vikos. There's a charming guesthouse above.
Taverna in The Zagorohoria

Taverna Sopotseli

Dilofo’s little taverna lavishes salads in fine olive oil and fires the grill for a carnivore-pleasing feast. A thoughtful wine list refreshes the palate between helpings of seasonal game and fried cheese.
Greek in The Zagorohoria

Sta Riza

It's hard to disagree with the locals – Sta Riza, overlooking rolling hills, is the place for hearty country cooking such as manitaria fournitsa (baked mushrooms in red wine, tomato, feta and herbs) and arnakia vlah…
Cultural Centre in The Zagorohoria

Rizarios Centre

This cultural centre with an adjoining handicrafts school is housed in a renovated manor. Rizarios shines a light on Zagorohoria history with exhibitions of photos and artworks. Coffee-table books and embroidered so…
Cafe in The Zagorohoria

Aris Journeys of Flavors

This friendly cafe-bar has a rotating selection of main dishes and plenty of homemade desserts to tempt sweet-toothed hikers.
Greek in The Zagorohoria


Tuck into spit-roasted lamb, Epirot pies and lovingly simmered stews at this welcoming restaurant in the larger Papingo village. Konaki also has a five-room guesthouse in Zagorohoria's traditional stone-and-wood sty…
Taverna in The Zagorohoria

O Dionysos

Along upper Monodendri’s main street, Dionysos serves tasty fakopita (lentil pie) among other traditional Epirot pies.
Gorge in The Zagorohoria

Vikos Gorge

Although it's less well known than the one in Monodendri, Dilofo also has a hiking trail that leads to the Vikos Gorge - if you're a glutton for punishment and want more walking, then start the hike here.
Monastery in The Zagorohoria

Moni Agia Paraskevi

A short path leads from Monodendri's northeastern edge to Moni Agia Paraskevi, a monastery with spectacular views over Vikos Gorge. Agia Paraskevi has the oldest preserved church in Zagorohoria. According to legend,…
Monastery in The Zagorohoria

Moni Evaggelistria

This wonderfully well preserved monastery, founded in the late 18th century, is blinged out with icons and frescoes spanning 200 years.