Must-see attractions in Sparta

  • Museum of the Olive & Greek Olive Oil


    This beautifully designed museum initiates you into the mysteries of the olive from its initial appearance in the Mediterranean in 60,000 BC to the…

  • UNSPECIFIED - NOVEMBER 01:  Greece - Sparta - Theatre (3rd-2nd century back.)  (Photo by De Agostini Picture Library/De Agostini/Getty Images)

    Ancient Sparta


    Though few buildings are standing that date back to the height of Sparta's greatness, it's an atmospheric stroll around this hillside, where the acropolis…

  • Greece, Sparta, Statue Of King Leonidas, Hero Of Battle At Thermopylae,

    King Leonidas Statue


    The King Leonidas statue stands belligerently in front of a football stadium. When the Persians attacked at Thermopylae and told the Spartans and their…

  • Archaeological Museum


    In a park, this likeable old-style archaeological museum hosts artefacts from Sparta’s illustrious past. Look for the votive sickles of the kind that…

  • Koumantarios Gallery of Sparta


    Part of the National Art Gallery, the quaint Koumantarios holds a rotating permanent collection plus wonderful temporary exhibitions. It's definitely…

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