The Mani in detail

Flights & getting there

If there's one place in the Peloponnese where your own car is a boon, it's here. If driving, the motorway from Athens to Kalamata provides a handy link to the Mani.

It is nevertheless possible to take buses. There are two main routes.

KTEL Messinias ( run buses down the west coast from Kalamata to Itilo (€8.50, 2½ hours, one to two Monday to Saturday) via Kardamyli and Stoupa (two to four daily). From Itilo, traditionally regarded as the border between the outer and inner Mani, you can change for nearby Areopoli (€1.80, 20 minutes, travels via Limeni). Service beyond Stoupa is a bit erratic, with frequent timetable changes.

KTEL Lakonias ( run three daily buses from Athens to Areopoli (€29, 4½ hours) and Gerolimenas (€32.70, 5¼ hours) via Sparta and Gythio.