Top things to do

Top Choice Archaeological Site in Eastern Thasos

Archaeological Site of Alyki

Alluring and easily accessible, the island's crown gem includes the considerable and photogenic remains of an ancient temple where the gods were once invoked to protect sailors. By all means enter the site through t…
Top Choice Taverna in Limenas


Locals agree that this year-round eatery at the Old Harbour serves Limenas’ best fish, along with fine fish soup, stifadho (meat, game or seafood cooked with onions in a tomato purée) and grilled sardines. There's a…
Top Choice Taverna in Western Thasos


Well-regarded waterfront taverna, in offbeat Skala Marion, where you can have a look at the day's catch of fish. The organic produce here is from the gardens of the friendly Filaktaki family, who also rent rooms and…
Monastery in Eastern Thasos

Moni Arhangelou

West from Alyki, past Thymonia Beach, is the clifftop Moni Arhangelou, an Athonite dependency and working convent, notable for its 400-year-old church (with some ungainly modern touches) and stellar sea views. Those…
Museum in Limenas

Archaeological Museum

Looking like an alien creature from the sci-fi movie Avatar, a 5m-tall 6th-century-BC kouros (male statue of the Archaic period) carrying a ram greets visitors at this large and modern archaeological museum. Statues…
Beach in Western Thasos

Metalia Beach

Easily accessible on foot from Limenaria, this pretty cove features an elegiac retro-industrial sight in the form of a mining factory built by German entrepreneur Speidel in 1900. The ruins form an amphitheatre arou…
Grill in Limenas


Visitors rave about this exceptionally friendly 21st-century souvlaki joint, where meat skewers are served with a variety of mouthwatering dips. It's located in the pedestrianised street connecting the centre with t…
Seafood in Eastern Thasos

Taverna Krambousa

Relaxing, popular and well-priced fish taverna on the beach, just before Hotel Kamelia, in Skala Potamia.
Cafe in Eastern Thasos


The words 'hip' and 'ouzeria' seldom stick together, but the understated stylishness of this new terrace-bar at the northern edge of Golden Beach succeeds. It's a pleasant place to unwind after some beach fun, with …
Taverna in Eastern Thasos

Taverna Grill Elena

This classic taverna under a shady patio off the square, run by Georgios and Elena, specialises in spit-roasted lamb and goat. Before you get to the kokoretsi on the spit, for an appetiser sample the bougloundi (bak…