Top Choice Archaeological Site in Eastern Thasos

Archaeological Site of Alyki

This well-signed site is not to be missed. It lies alluringly and accessibly above the southeastern beach and includes the considerable, and photogenic, remains of an ancient temple where the gods were once invoked …
Monastery in Eastern Thasos

Moni Arhangelou

West from Alyki, past Thymonia Beach, is the clifftop Moni Arhangelou, an Athonite dependency and working convent, notable for its 400-year-old church (with some ungainly modern touches) and stellar sea views. Those…
Museum in Limenas

Archaeological Museum

Thasos’ archaeological museum displays Neolithic utensils from a mysterious central Thasos tomb, along with an impressive 5m-tall 6th-century-BC kouros (male statue of the Archaic period) carrying a ram.
Museum in Eastern Thasos

Polygnotos Vagis Museum

Dedicated to Greek-American artist Polygnotos Vagis (born in Potamia in 1894).
Ruins in Limenas

Ancient Agora

Next to the archaeological museum stand the foundation ruins of the ancient agora, the commercial centre in ancient times. About 100m east of the agora, the ancient theatre stages performances of ancient dramas and …
Village in Eastern Thasos


This inland village, just south of Thasos, is nothing if not photogenic. Its characteristic architecture includes its stone-and-slate rooftops and the elegant blue-and-white domed and icon-rich Church of the Kimisis…
Arts Centre in Western Thasos

Sculpture Garden

Kostas Lovoulos is a talented sculptor, working just east of Limenaria, whose unique works in metal, clay and wood have a local and national following. His works are unique and some are for sale. His studio and ramb…