Syros in detail

Flights & getting there


Sky Express ( flies from Athens (€109, 35 minutes) to Syros Island National Airport, 5km south of Ermoupoli. There's no public transport but taxis congregate around flight times.


As the island group’s capital, Syros theoretically has fair to good year-round ferry links with all the Cyclades islands, and to Piraeus on the mainland. High season services to Ermoupoli include Piraeus (€27 to €33, two to 3¾ hours, three daily), Kythnos (€9, 2¼ hours, three daily), Naxos (€29 to €35, 1¼ hours to 2¾ hours, two daily), Mykonos (€20, 40 minutes, three daily) and Tinos (€4.50 to €8.50, 50 minutes, two daily); see for details.