Symi in detail

Getting Around


Water taxis from various companies line up along the inner side of Gialos harbour (plus one in Pedi) and run regular trips to the island’s beaches. Most head either north to Nimborios (€8) or south to Agia Marina, Agios Nikolaos, Nanou and Marathounda (€7 to €15). In high season there’s at least one departure an hour, from 9am onwards, with the last boat back usually at 5pm or 6pm.

Larger boats offer day trips further afield to remote west-coast beaches, the monastery at Panormitis, or complete island-circuit tours (up to €40) that include a barbecue lunch.

Bus & Taxi

The island bus makes hourly runs between the south side of Gialos harbour and Pedi Beach, via Horio (flat fare €1.70).

Taxis depart from a rank 100m west of the bus stop. These can be pricey and have set rates between them (although run independently), and can take you to anywhere on the island where there are roads, including Panormitis, the monastery, Pedi Beach and Marathounda Beach.

Symi Tours runs twice daily trips to Panormitis Monastery.

The island's bus company, Lakis Travel, can also take you around the island, and stops at view points along the way. It will also do port transfers; these are often cheaper than the taxis.


Nearly all of the travel agencies also rent cars, though there are a couple of car rental operators. These are all based in Gialos, including Glaros, which rents cars and scooters.