Symi in detail

Flights & getting there

Dodekanisos Seaways runs catamarans to and from Rhodes at least once daily (€19, 50 minutes) and also offers frequent sailings northwest, to Kos and beyond. Blue Star Ferries calls in three times weekly heading towards Rhodes (€9, one hour), and one also en route for Tilos (€10, 30 minutes), Nisyros (€13.50, 2½ hours), Kos (€14.50, four hours), Kalymnos (€20, five hours) and Piraeus (16¼ hours, €56.50). Symi fills up every morning with day trippers from Rhodes, with several Rhodes-based excursion boats complementing the high-speed catamaran.

Look out for summer day trips from Gialos to Datça in Turkey (around €45, including Turkish port taxes).