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The starting (or finishing) point for the Menalon Trail, Stemnitsa is a good base for hikers. It provides a useful base for a hike along the Lousios Gorge, accessed by Ancient Gortys and passing by monasteries including Prodomos, and the New and Old Philosophou.

Stemnitsa is also known for its silver and gold craftsmanship; even today, there is a silversmith school here.

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2-Day Private Tour to Olympia, Mountain Villages, Lousios Gorge and Monasteries from Athens or Nafplio

> Mountain villages & Olympia ItineraryIdeal combination for those looking to visit the long distance Olympia site! Avoid wasting time driving for several hours and enjoy the local life. Day1: Meet your private driver/guide for your 8:00 a.m. departure. In a short trip of no more than 2 1/2 hours we shall reach our destination in this “real Greece” experience. If departing from Athens, we drive towards the Corinth canal and make a quick stop to see the canal. Alternatively,traveling from Nafplio town, the Corinth canal is not on your route. Head towards the mountainous center of Peloponnese and start our village exploration of mount Mainalo in the region of Arcadia. Not for nothing is the name Arcadia used as a shorthand for bucolic beauty. The main destinations are the awesome villages of Dimitsana & Stemnitsa and also a couple of cliff hanging monasteries. Dimitsana is one of the most attractive villages in the mountainous Arcadia region, set on a double hump overlooking Lousios river. Next visit the Water-Power Museum containing a watermill, tannery and gunpowder mill. Stemnitsa village has a medieval feeling with the stone made houses, cobble-stoned alleys in an amphitheatrical structure. The amazing Prodromou & Emyalon monasteries will be visited and of course Lousios river, the gorge and the remainings of ancient Gortys. All monasteries are in the beautiful gorge of Lousios river and one of them requires an easy 15 minute hike. The gorge of Lousios is one of the most important and beautiful natural monuments of Peloponnese, ideal for hiking and rafting, while a drive round will reveal amazing landscapes. Somewhere in between these sites, let you private driver/guide treat you to a typical Greek lunch in a non touristy location surrounded by locals. There will also be free time for to wonder around through the narrow stone build roads of both villages before relaxing and spending your night in a beautiful stone built guest house.Day2: Start with breakfast in the mountain air and the view of Lousios gorge, before a 1h.20" drive to ancient Olympia. You can walk though the impressive ruins of the area where athletes trained and run in the ancient stadium; just as the ancient Olympians did after their victory ,3000 years ago. In front of the Temple of Hera burns the Olympic Flame during modern day Olympic Games. You can also visit the world famous museum and get the chance to see some unbelievable sculptures such as the sculpted decoration of the marble temple of Zeus and the famous Hermes carved by the ancient Greek sculptor Praxiteles. Tour the monuments of the archaeological site, including the former gymnasium and Palaestra, stadium, hotel & crypt. Let you imagination run to the times that Greece’s finest athletes strove to honor the gods through the Olympic ideal.At the end of the day, we return to your base.

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Menalon Trail 75km- All inclusive

Day 1: Upon arrival at Menalo, settle in your guesthouse. You will be informed by your guide for all the details of the program. Walk in the village. Day 2: Stemnitsa-Dimitsana-Zigovisti (16.7 km, 7 hours)(climb: 1094 m, descent: 1015 m, minute height: 420 m, maximum height: 1175 m) The path starts from the historical village of Stemnitsa. Going out to the gorge of Lousios you will meet the imposing monastery of Prodromos. It is a monument of the 12th century, built at the root of a vertical rock. Then you will meet the two monasteries of Philosopher, 9th and 17th century. A little while after a short break at the Open air water museum in Dimitsana will be a boost for the last 5 kilometers for Zigovisti. Day 3: Zigovisti-Elati (15 km, 5 hours)(climb: 642 m, descent: 618 m, height min: 1105 m, maximum height: 1643 m)The third day will find you where you started. Passing through the churches of Saint John and Saint George you will find yourself on a curved gravel road that goes smoothly uphill to the highest peak of the route at 1,643m. After walking and taking down the downhill, just 1.5 km before Elati and the end of your trek you will pass through the holy temple of Zoodochos Pigis.Day 4: Elati-Vytina-Nymfasia (14 km, 4 ½ hours)(Rising: 488 m, cathode: 740 m, minimum height: 813 m, maximum height: 1180 m) Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful pieces of the whole path. The route descends from Elati to the river Millaon and passes down the hill where the ancient city of Methidrion was located. Throughout the path, you will move through a dense forest and alongside the river. After this amazing piece you will make a small stop in the village of Vytina, perhaps the most beautiful village of the whole area. Day 5: Nympassia - Magouliana - Valtessiniko (15.5 km, 6 hours)(climb: 464 m, descent: 914 m, height min: 781 m, maximum height: 1307 m)Leaving Nymfassia behind you, the route begins through an oak forest that leads you to the Cairn Bridge and the impressive monastery. It is a monastic complex nestled in an impressive monolith. After crossing a dense fir forest and reaching the Whistle Bell, you will have the chance to rest near the source. Much of the route from Maguliana to Valtesinikos moves downhill into the valley to the riverbed where later it meets a cobbled path that climbs up to the village. Day 6: Valtessinico-Lagadia (13.9 km, 5 hours)(climb: 612 m, descent: 791 m, height min: 937 m, maximum height: 1377 m)The last part of your multi-day hike rises smoothly into a Byzantine castle and again after that it begins to descend through a dense fir forest through a beautiful path. Your road passes through valleys, threshing floors and huts while its continuation ends in a war memorial. Our last destination. Lagadia also features an impressive complex of watermills.