Top ChoiceCretan in Spili

Taverna Sideratico

In an appealing location away from Spili's touristy centre, this delightful taverna sits on the main road 500m south of town. There's no menu, so you'll be guided through its mouthwatering array of mayirefta...

Gardens in Spili

Maravel Garden

On the western outskirts of town are these botanical gardens filled with an aromatic variety of plant species from Crete and across the globe. You're free to wander and check out the herbs and medicinal plants...

Health & Wellness in Spili

Maravel Shop

Along the main tourist drag is this store selling organic beauty products made using ingredients grown in its nearby garden. There's an interesting assortment of herbal teas, essential oils, soaps (from donkey...

Cretan in Spili

Cafe Platia

Perched above the Venetian fountain, this scenic taverna is run by a well-regarded husband-and-wife culinary team. It has a fairly basic menu, but its sunny terrace decorated with pot plants is a lovely setting...

Museum in Spili

Folk Museum of Spili

Up a footpath at the northern end of town, this place is a treasure trove of local vintage artefacts. The giant loom or the coffee-bean roaster might catch your eye, or the shoemaker’s room and the traditional...

Fountain in Spili

Venetian Fountain

The main local attraction is this restored fountain that spurts water from 19 stone lion heads into a long trough. Fill up your own bottle with some of the island’s best water. A walkway leads from the fountain...

Taverna in Spili

Maria Kostas Taverna

Come here for the home cooking and dine on the patio hung with gourds and overflowing with flowers. You’ll likely find Maria in the kitchen stuffing tomatoes and dishing up fantastic grills and casseroles. It’s...

Cretan in Spili


Just south of the Venetian fountain, this friendly place has a big roadside terrace, reliably good traditional cooking and a decent house red. Try the delicious rabbit in wine or the local mountain snails.

Taverna in Spili


At the oldest taverna in town, the owner-chef will likely invite you to inspect whatever dishes are stewing in his kitchen that day before you make your selection. Upon request, you can also have rabbit, lamb,...

Monastery in Spili


Spili is a bishop’s see (seat of a bishop), based at the massive modern monastery on the main road at the western end of town. You’re free to walk around and admire the arched entryways, marble-floor courtyard,...