Top things to do

Top Choice Taverna in Sparta

Tsipouradiko To Peninda

This atmospheric spot has been renovated to look like an old-style shop and tsipouradiko (a taverna that specialises in selling tsipouro, the alcoholic spirit) – barrels, china pieces and old cans line the walls. Th…
Top Choice Museum in Sparta

Museum of the Olive & Greek Olive Oil

This beautifully designed museum initiates you into the mysteries of the olive from its initial appearance in the Mediterranean in 60,000 BC to the present day. Learn about its immense importance in millennia of Gre…
Ruins in Sparta

Ancient Sparta

Few buildings are standing that date back to the height of Sparta's greatness. This was when the acropolis and agora made up the religious and administrative centre (8th century BC until the Roman period). Recently,…
Museum in Sparta

Archaeological Museum

Sparta’s old-style archaeological museum hosts artefacts from Sparta’s illustrious past, many unlabelled and most without any protective covering. Look for the votive sickle of the kind that Spartan boys dedicated t…
Sports in Sparta


This gruelling annual foot race takes place over the 246km between Athens and Sparta. It follows in the footsteps of Pheidippides, the messenger who ran from Athens to Sparta in one day in 490 BC, to ask the Spartan…
Mediterranean in Sparta


This homey, friendly restaurant is a cut above Sparta's largely uninspiring taverna scene, though it is slightly pricier, too. Greek standards are present and correct, but there are also lovely salads and an extensi…
Landmark in Sparta

King Leonidas Statue

The King Leonidas statue stands belligerently in front of a soccer stadium. When the Persians attacked Sparta and told them to lay down their weapons, the Spartans' response, immortalised beneath Leonidas' feet, was…
Gallery in Sparta

Koumantarios Gallery of Sparta

Part of the National Art Gallery, the quaint Koumantarios art gallery holds a rotating permanent collection plus wonderful temporary exhibitions. It's definitely worth popping in to see what's on.
Landmark in Sparta

Soccer Stadium

Sparta's football stadium.