Sparta in detail

Flights & getting there

Sparta’s KTEL Lakonia bus station has buses to Athens (€21.40, 3¼ hours, seven to nine daily) via Tripoli (€5.90, one hour) and Corinth (two hours, €14.10), and buses to Gythio (€4.70, one hour, five to six daily), Neapoli (€15.60, three hours, three daily) and Monemvasia (€11, two hours, four to six daily).

Buses run to Mystras (€1.80, 15 minutes, four to five daily except Sunday) from next to the tourist information kiosk on Lykourgou; a taxi costs around €12.

Travelling by bus to Kalamata (€6.30, 1¾ hours, one to two daily) involves changing at Artemisia on the Messinian side of the Langada Pass.

To the Mani peninsula, there are three daily buses to Gerolimenas (€11.30, 2½ hours), via Areopoli (€7.60, two hours).