Top Choice Museum in Sparta

Museum of the Olive & Greek Olive Oil

This beautifully designed museum initiates you into the mysteries of the olive from its initial appearance in the Mediterranean in 60,000 BC to the present day. Learn about its immense importance in millennia of Gre…
Ruins in Sparta

Ancient Sparta

Few buildings dating back to the height of Sparta's greatness have been left standing. Still it's worthwhile to wander to the north end of town to see the ruined theatre and the Sanctuary of Athena Halkioitou agains…
Museum in Sparta

Archaeological Museum

Sparta’s old-style archaeological museum hosts artefacts from Sparta’s illustrious past, many unlabelled and most without any protective covering. You may spot a votive sickle of the kind that Spartan boys dedicate…
Archaeological Site in Sparta

Ancient Theatre

From the main cobbled road, signs point left (west) through olive groves to the 2nd- or 3rd-century-BC ancient theatre, the ancient Sparta's most discernible ruin. You'll find a reconstructed plan of the theatre at …
Gallery in Sparta

Koumantarios Gallery of Sparta

An annexe of the National Art Gallery, the quaint Koumantarios art gallery holds a permanent collection of around 40 paintings on a rotating basis, plus temporary exhibitions.
Monument in Sparta

King Leonidas Statue

The King Leonidas statue stands belligerently in front of a soccer stadium.
Stadium in Sparta

Soccer Stadium

Sparta's football stadium.
Notable Building in Sparta

Town Hall

Administrative building.