Euro (€)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €60

  • Hostel, camping or domatia: €10–25
  • Picnic or meal at basic taverna: €20
  • Bus from Hania to Elafonisi: €10

Midrange: €60–150

  • Apartment or double room in hotel: €35–80
  • Meal at nice taverna with wine: €30–40
  • Hire car per day: €35

Top End: More than €150

  • Double room in boutique hotel or beach resort: from €120
  • High-end tavernas and gourmet restaurants in prime locations: €50–100
  • Activities like diving and boat hire: €80–150


Bargaining is acceptable in flea markets and markets, but elsewhere you are expected to pay the stated price.


There is one ATM.