Skyros attractions

Top Choice Museum in Skyros Town

Manos Faltaïts Folk Museum

This not-to-be-missed gem details the mythology and folklore of Skyros. The 19th-century mansion is a multilevel labyrinth of Skyrian costumes, embroidery, antique furniture, ceramics, daggers, cooking pots and vint…
Top Choice Ranch in Skyros

Friends of the Skyrian Horse

This group is at the forefront of conservation, education and welfare involving the endangered Skyrian horse. Visitors are welcome at the ranch near in Trachi where you can observe the horses in their natural enviro…
Church in Magazia & Molos

Agios Nikolaos

A huge rectangular free-standing rock forms the sacred space of Agios Nikolaos; the area was a quarry in ancient times. The turquoise door opens into the candelit sanctuary with its altar and icons.
Historic Site in Skyros

Rupert Brooke's Grave

Rupert Brooke’s well-tended marble grave is in a quiet olive grove just inland from Tris Boukes Bay; it’s signed with a wooden sign in Greek. The gravestone is inscribed with Brooke’s most famous sonnet, ‘The Soldie…
Monastery in Skyros Town

Monastery of St George

Keep heading uphill in Skyros Town, and eventually all the winding alleys lead to the Byzantine Monastery of St George, founded in 962. This working monastery (whose bells might wake you early if you're staying in t…
Museum in Skyros Town

Archaeological Museum

Along with Mycenaean pottery found near Magazia and artefacts from the Bronze Age excavation at Palamari, this attractive courtyard building contains a traditional Skyrian house interior, transported in its entirety…
Gallery in Magazia & Molos

Stamatis Ftoulis

Intimate ceramics workshop on the narrow boardwalk at Magazia; also has a showroom in Skyros Town.