Top Choice Taverna in Skyros Town

O Pappous Kai Ego

The name of this small taverna means ‘my grandfather and me’ and it’s easy to see how one generation of family recipes followed another. It's well known for the Skyrian dolmadhes made with a touch of goat milk. A lo…
Greek in Skyros Town

Cafe Barba Yiannis

Near the National Bank, this traditional and homey ouzerie (place that serves ouzo and light snacks) serves fresh mezedhes (appetisers) and juicy grills, along with excellent Skyrian bread, dips and drink.
Greek in Skyros Town

Maryetis Restaurant

The local favourite in town for grilled fish and octopus stifadho (meat, game or seafood cooked with onions in a tomato purée), great grills and mezedhes (appetisers). Wines and service are excellent.
Taverna in Skyros Town

Taverna Lambros

This rambling family-run taverna, 3km south towards Linaria, draws local favour for its generous grills, fresh fish, salads and Skyrian cheese bread in particular.
Greek in Skyros Town


Opposite Nefeli Hotel as you enter Skyros Town, this popular eatery is known for live music at weekends, traditional Greek dishes and generous portions. Order for one; eat for two.