Skopelos shopping

Top Choice Shoes in Skopelos Town

Skopelos Sandals

Classic handmade leather sandals and belts, adjusted to fit by the genial owner. The leather stretches, so wear your sandals around town for a few days and go back to have them readjusted if need be. Prices are grea…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Skopelos Town

Ploumisti Shop

The same couple have been running this wonderful shop for 40 years, selling linen shirts and scarves, paintings, jewellery and ceramics. You can hear the owner play rembetika every Saturday night at Anna's Restauran…
Jewellery in Skopelos Town

Archipelagos Shop

Inviting shop in a tall seafront mansion selling handmade jewellery, icons, ceramics and artworks.
Ceramics in Skopelos Town

Kromata Ceramics

This unique ceramics workshop with bold and bright pieces, many featuring leaf and pomegranate motifs, one street in from the waterfront.