LGBT Travellers

The church still plays a prominent role in shaping Cretans’ views, so homosexuality is generally frowned upon by many locals – especially outside major cities. It pays to be discreet.

  • Although homosexuality is legal over the age of 17, Crete does not really have much of a gay, let alone lesbian, scene. There is no overtly gay nightlife and public displays of affection are frowned upon outside the cities.
  • Hersonisos has the gay-owned and -oriented guesthouse Villa Ralfa ( Many venues in Iraklio are quietly gay-friendly, as are relaxed resorts such as Paleohora and most nude beaches.
  • The Spartacus International Gay Guide (, published by Bruno Gmünder (Berlin), is widely regarded as the leading authority on gay travel.
  • The website has some information on cruising areas as well as gay-friendly bars and clubs.
  • Popular international smartphone apps are also in use.