Museum in Sitia

Sitia Archaeological Museum

This is a compact showcase of archaeological finds from eastern Crete spanning the arc from Neolithic to Roman times, with an emphasis on Minoan artefacts. Pride of place goes to the Palekastro Kouros – a statue car…
Fort in Sitia

Venetian Fort

Strategically perched atop a hill near the port, this structure is locally called kazarma (from the Venetian casa di arma) and was built as a garrison by the Venetians. These are the only remains of the fortificatio…
Museum in Sitia

Folklore Museum

This museum displays a collection of local weaving and other exhibits of folk life.
Historic Building in Sitia

Venetian Building

In the quiet streets of Sitia’s old town, where pebbled steps amble gently uphill from the waterfront, occasional examples of Venetian architecture enliven the streetscape. On the corner of G Arkadiou and Metaxaki s…
Historic Site in Sitia


About 2km southeast of town on a low hill overlooking the sea are the remains of this Minoan palace and of later buildings. The site is always accessible. There is limited parking.