Sifnos in detail


Cooking Classes

A big drawcard for travellers is Sifnos' culinary heritage. The island was the birthplace of Nikolaos Tselementes (1878–1958), author of the first (and best-known) Greek cookbook, published in 1910. Since then, Sifnos has enjoyed a reputation for producing excellent chefs. Engaging cooking classes are available with Sifnos Farm Narlis. Book directly, or via Aegean Thesaurus.


Sifnos has an excellent network of over 100km of signposted walking trails, 10 of which are outlined by Sifnos Trails ( – an excellent resource that includes track descriptions (ranging from 45 minutes to seven hours), optional side trails and details of bus connections to the trailheads.

One of the best is the 2¼-hour Towards the Miraculous Saint trail (route 2), from Kastro to the Chrysopigi monastery. For a shorter, flatter variant, walk the final 40-minute coastal section from Faros to the monastery.

A great investment is the €3 info pack from Aegean Thesaurus; it includes a map of Sifnos, an overview of the island’s walking trails, plus the current bus and ferry timetables.