Food in Monastiraki & Psyrri


Evripidou, just south of the central market, is Athens' traditional street for spices, a couple of highly aromatic blocks of Mediterranean herbs and imported seeds, barks and other wonders. Bahar is just one of half…
Food in Thessaloniki

Agora Products

Located beside Agora restaurant, this shop extols the rich variety and health-giving properties of traditional Greek food and sells several hundred delicacies. Test your luggage-weight limits with olive oils, wines,…
Food & Drinks in Syntagma & Plaka


Enormous store selling traditional food products from all over Greece, from Santorini capers and boutique olive oils to Cretan rusks, jars of goodies for edible souvenirs and Greek wines and spirits.
Food & Drinks in Corfu Town


Irresistible old-fashioned patisserie that’s an Old Town landmark thanks to its 40 different flavours of ice cream, plus a mouthwatering array of homemade tarts, biscuits and honey.
Food in Nafplio

Glykos Peirasmos

The place for delicious chocolate, baklava, loukoumi (Turkish delight) and honey-sodden walnut cake.
Food & Drinks in Hora (Naxos)

Kiriakos Tziblakis

The pungent aromas will bowl you over as soon as you get through the door of this colourful wonderland, a family store dating from 1938. It’s where locals come to buy bulk spices, olives, honey and cheese, and it’s …
Food & Drinks in Mets & Pangrati


One-stop shopping for the best Greek food products: the store is decked with awards for its dedication and stock of traditional oil, wine, cheese, nuts, yoghurt and honey. Herbs hang in bunches, lentils fill sacks, …
Food in Kymi & Paralia Kymis

Figs of Kymi

Platana, 3km south of Paralia Kymis, is home to Figs of Kymi, a lively agricultural co-op supporting local fig farmers and sustainable production. Preservative-free fresh and dried figs and jams are on sale. Also op…
Food in Syntagma & Plaka


Since 1928, this shop has been making fine chocolates. One of its specialities is dried fruits and candied citrus peel dipped in dark chocolate. It's in the tiny nuts-and-sweets district on Karageorgi Servias; look …
Food & Drinks in Northeast Pelion

Women's Agritourism Cooperative Zagora

A women's cooperative, the oldest in Greece, that makes a range of delicious jams and sweet products. Stop in for a coffee and see what's available, including a jam made from the small local firiki apple, found only…