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The major settlement Hora (Panagia) has a long, narrow main street lying along the breezy crest of the island. Ferries dock at the fishing harbour of Mersini. Hora is a 1km walk uphill from there.

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Greek Cooking Class & Dinner

Explore the best Greek authentic recipes!Schinousa yellow split pea mashSchinousa is an island whose “fava” yellow split peas stand out for their sweet, nutty flavor, high nutritional value, and organic way they are farmed on the island’s fertile soil. Normally, fava is slowly simmered until it is cooked into a mash. On Schinousa, the yellow split peas are first sautéed together with onions and carrots in olive oil and then cooked.Santorini SaladIt’s the only salad that includes select products from all Aegean Islands: apart from its Santorini, rain-fed cherry tomatoes, the salad features Cretan carob rusks, Naxos xinotyri cheese, Tinos capers, Kea rock samphire, Thasos throumba olives, Lesvos extra virgin olive oil, onions, fleur de sel, and wild oregano.Pastitsada Spicy RoosterPastistada is Corfu’s emblematic dish. Homemakers make it for the sumptuous table fare served on holidays, Sundays, and at family reunions. There isn’t a single family on the island who hasn’t got its own, well-guarded recipe for “pastitsada”, or anyone who believes that other people’s “pastitsada” recipes could be better than the one handed down from genaration to generation in their own family. Town people and the middle classes would make their “pastitsada” using beef and lots of spices, while country folk would make this melt-in-the-mouth recipe with rooster and aromatic herbs. Still, both types have some ingredients in common such as hefty amounts of roughly chopped onions, garlic, red pepper, and wine. They also share the slow way in which the meat is allowed to simmer, and the thick spaghetti which slowly but surely absorbs the heavenly, sweet-and-sour, aromatic sauce of the “pastitsada”.And finally a "sweet" surprise that you will discover on the spot!Get ready to experience:  • A hands-on session with Yoleni's chef or sous-chef! • Fresh local produce straight from small Greek producers • Dinner. The recipes which we’ll be recreating, are part of the menu served in “Topos” restaurant on Yoleni’s ground floor. • A small bottle of ouzo / Greek beer / a small bottle of Greek wine per person • Greek “meze” during the cooking class • A copy of the recipes cooked will be sent to you via email • Optional visit to Yoleni's deli shop where you can shop the ingredients used in our recipes, as well as gifts from every corner of Greece to take back home!