Top things to do in Samothraki

Top Choice Taverna in Kamariotissa & Around

I Synantisi

Excellent fresh fish and gavros (marinated small fish) – the owner is a spear diver – as well as fine meat dishes such as roasted goat and rice pilaf. The place is cosy and welcoming, with a small open kitchen, and …
Top Choice Cafe in Loutra

Kafeneio Ta Therma

Run by the jovial Iordanis Iordaninis for more than 20 years, this is the centre of the action in Loutra, with live music, impromptu vendors, artists and dancers in the surrounding open areas, plus coffee, beer and …
Archaeological Site in Samothraki

Sanctuary of the Great Gods

About 6km northeast of Kamariotissa, the Sanctuary of the Great Gods is one of Greece’s most mysterious archaeological sites. The Thracians built this temple to their fertility deities around 1000 BC. By the 5th cen…
Castle in Hora (Samothraki)


Freshly converted into a fully fledged tourist sight complete with helpful English-language signs, the picturesque castle was built in 1431–33 by Genovese noble Palamede Gattilusio, who received the island in exchan…
Cafe in Hora (Samothraki)

Trapeza me Thea

Ex-urbanites Elias and Theodora have taken over Hora's old bank building and transformed it into a wonderful coffee shop, with a director's desk turned into a bar. Take a seat on the balcony overlooking the valley b…
Waterfall in Loutra

Paradeisos Waterfalls

About 500m past Kafeneion Ta Therma, a lush wooded path (100m) leads to a series of rock pools and waterfalls, the most impressive being 30m in height. This is gorgeous, Lord of the Rings–like terrain, where gnarled…
Sweets in Hora (Samothraki)

O Lefkos Pyrgos

The summer-only Lefkos Pyrgos is an excellent, inventive and all-natural sweets shop run by master confectioners Georgios and Dafni. Try lemonade with honey and cinnamon, or Greek yoghurt with bitter almond, along w…
Taverna in Hora (Samothraki)

Café-Ouzeri 1900

Start your day at this flower-filled taverna with yoghurt and honey, or sample the house tzigerosarmades (goat with onion, dill and spearmint). The large, colourful menu, printed to look like a newspaper, is a take-…
Taverna in Kamariotissa & Around

Taverna Akrogiali

A short distance from the popular Lakkoma Beach, this is a pretty terrace filled with rose bushes and geraniums. It's a prime spot to sample Aegean fish, from ubiquitous mackerel to far less obvious breeds.
Cafe in Kamariotissa & Around

Kafeneio Panagiotis Makris

Voted one of the most traditional coffee shops in Greece. Step into little Panagiotis for a sip of tsipouro with saffron, accompanied by mezedhes, of course. No wi-fi now, or ever.